Hike #63 – Freeman Road North – 21.5 Miles

Hike #64 – Freeman Road North – 21.5 Miles

Location : Middle of nowhere south of the Florence Kelvin Highway (NOBO Mile Marker 250.4)

Date: 12-13-2018

Weather: Overcast skies, starting temperature 42 degrees and the turn 69 degrees.

Total Mileage Completed : 21.5 on AZT

Hike Description:  This hike started at mile marker 250 just South of the Florence Kelvin Highway – Elevation 3299ft and was a 21.2 mile out and back “Flip Flop” hike. Elevation gain / loss 2809 ft.

Comments:  So….. Without a 4×4 you might have a little trouble getting to this trail intercept point. Somehow though I had to safely get to the 21 mile middle section between Hike #13 and Hike #61. The Florence Kelvin Highway, which is actually a pretty good road was our best option and entry point. From there we found a smaller offshoot dirt single track trail that worked good. Had to open a couple cattle gates but we got there. There was a little longer and more defined dirt road option south of our starting point but I decided to go for it and make another famous “flip flop” hike.

We first marched to the north and I would have to admit this was no boring desert hike. It was amazing.  The first couple miles were so so… couple cactus, scrubs, washes and winding trail, then we approached “High Point”. You know, I had heard of this mountain somewhere but just never put two and two together. As we were hiking north bound I noticed a mountain front of us with what appeared to be a jeep trail winding around it. I soon came to realize it was no jeep trail but the real AZT. What a cool 881 foot uphill summit. At the top the wind was blowing in huge gusts and the views were 360 degree amazing.  From mile 5 to the first turn a around, you will find awesome ridgeline hiking that overlooks the town of Superior to the north and Kelvin to the east.

The hike down was a joy but to be completely honest I really did not want to leave High Point. For anyone that want to try this from the northside, you can use the Florence Kelvin Trailhead, a much easier approach. In retrospect there are a couple sections I would have created differently now knowing what I know.

Anyhow, back to the Jeep lunch and then off to the southern section of the flip flop hike. Nothing too exciting on this leg….. Really flat boring desert hiking back to the powerlines where we left off on the “speed” hike #61. Happy to have done these sections in the winter when the rattlers are mainly asleep, the days are coolers and the sun has limited intensity.  Summer hiking this area would not be recommended.

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