So…. what now?

Hello fellow hikers,

Sitting here, 4 months after completing the 3 1/2 year “self imposed” journey of hiking the Arizona trail – northbound and southbound, I am trying to better understand how the venture has changed me and what I can share with you.

Although…… I am actually at a loss…..

Funny thing is, I am sitting in my same old chair at the exact same desk and computer that I did those 4 years ago while formulating this quest in my head. I feel odd….. much like returning from a war or coming out of fog. A fog of obsession I guess. But everything here is mostly the same. not changing much at all.

So, what have I learned and gained by hiking the AZT 1600 miles, 90 hikes – out and back?

For sure, I have changed. I have gained the love of long distance hiking and I also realize the blind power of focused determination. But I think most of all, what I have gained, is a warm and comfortable group of memories. Deep memories that I will have inside me for the rest of my life……… Which feels good. 🙂

Take care and happy hiking.

Jim T.

This is a silly selfie wall of the starting moment of all 90 hikes on the AZT. This is not a vanity thing…. It started out by accident and then it became a side mission to complete. Funny though to see how the AZT changes a person…. for the better. Loved the beard. 🙂

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