Hiking Gear

Hiking gear is a funny thing. An entire hiking gear industry has been created over the last 15 year with the internet. There are tons of options and all price points. People now make a living on simply doing gear review…. crazy. In the old days, it was army surplus or wait for hunting season and Sears would get some camping stuff in stock. Now Amazon can get you anything you want… most likely delivered today. So what should you buy? What’s important on the AZT? In this section of my site, I will break down what works for me. Backpacks, shoes, clothing and everything else you’ll need out there. Please note though, these are just my thoughts and heck…. some my actually be good for someone. ┬áRead through them at your own risk. Gear is so special to each hiker. Gear has to work, be affordable, practical and at the end of the day… must make you look cool on the trail.

Here is my 2017 Gear Kit

2017 Day Hiking Gear


Below is a detailed review of Gear Items….. Enjoy.




GutHooks Trail App


Misc Gear

4×4 Jeep

UPDATE 11-03-2018. We designed our own BACKPACK !!!!! See the link below for more details on the PACKBACK Designs Dayhiker31

PACKBACK Designs Dayhiker31