I have lived in Arizona since 1977, moving here around the age of 6 years old and I have to say, I have never seen as much of this state, in such a unique way, as I have in the last 36 months. This journey on the Arizona Trail has given me a rare opportunity to see my state in all of its beauty and diversity.  I would invite everyone to take some time and see our state.

My schedule grants me a wonderful opportunity to get out of the office a couple days per month. I realize this might not be available for everyone but can you find a day or two per year or month to hike? We don’t need to be a thru hiker to accomplish a long distance trail. In my opinion, Day Hiking grants you the time to enjoy and really sense the meaning of hiking. The sights, smells, sounds and inner sensations of being. Hearing about the amazing trail runner that thru hiked the AZT in 19 days makes me ask the question….. did he enjoy it as in depth as we can enjoy it…..  The AZT and the manageable day hikes that I have defined in my blog, will give you a roadmap for a vast array of seemingly endless hiking and a chance to truly experience Arizona.

So many hikers and volunteers have committed so much to bring us this trail. Every year they recommit themselves and head out to improve and maintain our trail. I would like to give a huge “thank you” to everyone at the Arizona Trail Association for all their hard work. I hope my blog becomes a way for me to reach out to the greater community, inspire others, contribute my knowledge and give back.

The below links are to the Arizona Trail Association Website. The ATA site has a ton of great stuff and they do a much better job then I can do telling you about the AZT. Their website has simply everything you ever wanted to know about the trail; it’s history, maps. merchandise and current conditions of the trail. Fire closures, reroutes, weather, etc…

Please become a member and support the trail.