Hike #58 – El Orso Road South – 15 Miles

Location : El Orso Road South (NOBO Mile Marker 369.1)

Date: November 1st  2018

Weather: Clear skies at the Trail head, starting temperature 48 degrees and the turn 65 degrees.

Total Mileage Completed : 15 mile on AZT / Feet Change +(-) 3121, 7.9% grade

Hike Description: This hike started at the Interception of El Orso and Pigeon Spring Roads, west of Highway 188 and Roosevelt Lake. A slightly scary 8 mile dirt road drive, Pigeon Spring Road is on a ridge line at 5,685ft. A 4-wheel drive vehicle is pretty much a requirement to get up to this AZT starting point.  Pigeon Spring Trailhead is about 2 miles down trail from the road intercept but we choice to start this hike from NOBO mile 369 instead.  This drive up from 188 would not be recommended on a rainy or ice / snow day.


Amazing views and a bit of a shark tooth hike with lots of ups and down and downs and ups. Not too difficult, although our pace was slowed to just under 3mph by some of the climbs. Would be a really tough hike in the summer heat but at 65 degrees it was very pleasant. From our start at the road intercept, we hiked the 2 miles down to the Pigeon Springs Trail head. The hike will take you just under the “Far East” side of the Four Peaks Mountains. Basically on the eastern face side, much below the fourth peak and Alder’s Saddle.  There are a couple close-edge with good size drop offs on the trail, so please be careful.  Great hike other than the drive up, and then back down…. which was even more scary….. 

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