Hike #21 – FR151 South to Snowbowl – 15 Miles

  This was the second day of hiking from the overnight Hike #25…. and I know these hike numbers got out of order somehow. After waking up to some very noisy elks making some odd scream-like yells, Tom and I were up at 5:00am ready for the second day of hiking. We have never done a back to back before and we were both quite surprised, apart from a couple blisters, that we felt great. A quick breakfast and coffee, packed up and back on trail we were. Ok….. so all you thru hikers will laugh but the short two mile hike back to the car inspired us to shed all the over night pack weight into the Tahoe before continuing on up trail. Slack Packing I think it’s called…..Man that was a feeling of relief. Going from 32 pounds to back to 15 was heaven. Us day hikers are very much spoiled. Maybe next double overnight hike, we will do it more…. thru hikish, but not today. So the goal for today was to get back up to where we left off on Snowbowl hike #21, this time getting to Snowbowl from the north heading south and I have to say….wow….what a treat it was. You can do this hike in reverse from Snowbowl to FR151 but I don’t think it would be as amazing, even out and backing. It would also be another fishbowl hike, leaving all the “up” for the second part of the hike, which I hate. Since we were coming up from FR151/FR418 it was an uphill all the way to Snowbowl but man the terrain was gorgeous and the views at mile 7 could not be under stated. Aspen trees, ferns, flowers, pine trees, conifer trees, nice switchback and smooth trails….. everything was great. Even if you’re not into hiking the AZT, please hike around Snowbowl. In my opinion, the most amazing and prettiest views in the state. We had a quick snack at the turn and since it was an up then down elevation hike, we sailed the miles down to the Tahoe, making record time. Our thoughts on Diablo Burgers all the way. Nice hike to end an amazing weekend. 

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