Hike #18 – Highway 89 Trailhead – Under Humphrey’s Peak

This Hike is a 20 mile hike (10 out and 10 back) starting at the Conoco gas station just outside of Flagstaff Arizona on highway 89. On the north edge of the gas station there are a number of parking spots and the trail is just a short hike away on a little side trail leading from this parking lot. The trail takes you under the highway, so no wories about having to play frogger.

Elevation on this hike is basically an up and down with a couple bumps. You start the hike at 6926 ft and the top is about 8112 ft. This makes the trail back nice since it’s mostly downhill. At mile 16.5 there will be one uphill which all considering becomes a leg burner.

The trail itself is actually not bad; smooth in spots but slightly rocky in others. You will end up on the Little Eden trail at about mile 5-6 and it will take you through a dense wooded ravine. Mile 7 ends the largest uphill section and from mile  8 to the turn, you will find yourself actually decreasing a little in elevation. Watch out for the mountain bikers from mile 9 to 10. Since you’re close to Flagstaff and many bike trails. Those two wheel speed demons are everywhere. Views are quite nice with a couple overlooks of Flagstaff and Humphreys Peak. Mainly you are in the trees for most of this hike with one spot of clearing from a huge forest fire. We hiked the trail in early June and the ferns had just starting to sprout. All in all this was a nice day, around 75 degrees and clear.

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