Hello from A wantabe Thru Hiker


The purpose of this blog is simple. Document my AZT day hikes…. out and back so if anyone else wants to use the information for their own journey. It’s here.

Just remember, this is just the way I did it. You might wish to create your own trails and plans. Most of all my hikes are between 10 and 20 miles and with proper planning, including drive time and a good hiking pace, you can accomplish most all the out and backs in about 6 to 12 hours…. starting from Phoenix of course.

Five things I found critical in planning the hikes and I strongly recommend you think about were

  • 1.) Become an Arizona Trail Association Member.
  • 2.) Purchase the AZTrails Guthooks app for your phone.
  • 3.) Purchase the AZTrail Passage guide
  • 4.) Buy good gear
  • 5.) Bring lots of Water.
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