PBD Ultralight – 4-1 Trailpack

Hi All,

So…… Packback Designs (PBD Ultralight) has developed another backpack, this one is a little larger than the 3-1 and it’s call the 4-1 Trailpack. Standing at 30″ tall (total collar) and 12″ wide, 7″ deep, this 40 liter pack is fully capable of a good 3-5 day backpacking trip. Unloaded the packs weights between 17 ounces for the HyperD300 pack and up to 21 ounces for a Gridstop pack.

The question might come up…. why are “you guys” making packs now. Are you trying to capitalize and make money on hiking the AZT? The answer is clearly “no”. Tom and I both have full-time jobs and are very happy in our careers. I see pack making as an opportunity, much like this blog, to give back something of value to the hiking / backpacking community. As I have mentioned prior in previous posts, I think we are, at this point, fairly knowledgeable at long distance “day” hiking. Making a backpack from our experiences might be beneficial and if it’s something unique and different than others in the industry are producing, then I honestly believe we are adding something to the world and our community. Other manufactures that I have mentioned in the gear section of this blog are simply awesome and I highly recommend their gear and products. Our packs and pouches are slightly unique and add features that we believe can enhance your hiking experience. Check them out…

If you’re interesting in a pre-order, custom order or more information, just let us know. cs@packbackdesigns.com

Enjoy the photos. For general size comparison, the 4-1 Trailpack in Blue pockets and the 3-1 with Orange Pockets

Jim T.

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