Hike #75 – Winter Road South – 15 miles

Location : Winter Road Trailhead (NOBO Mile Marker 778.1 )

Date: 8-15-2019

Weather: Clear skies light clouds, starting temperature 79 degrees and the turn about 94 degrees.

Total Mileage Completed : 15 on AZT

Hike Description: This hike was to be the conclusion of the 2019 “North of the North Rim” Kaibab hiking sections. Winter Road Trailhead can be found just north of highway 89A prior to the accent into the forested area of the north rim of the Grand Canyon. After a 10 mile tame dirt road (House Rock Road) you will then make a left on Winter Road and after an aggressive uphill 4×4 drive you will find the clearly labeled Winter Road Trailhead. This section, heading south, was actually to be the flattest hiking section on our AZT adventure with only 684ft elevation gain / loss. Hot, dry, sun exposed, brown dirt and flat was the theme of the day. Gorgeous open plains / prairie views though. Not much to report here, quick, easy 15 mile out and back.

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