Hike #66 – North Rim Orderville South – 16.4 Miles

Hike #67 – North Rim Orderville South – 16.4 Miles

Location : Orderville Trailhead (NOBO Mile Marker 761.7 )

Date: 4-25-2019 / 04-26-2019

Weather: Clear skies, no clouds, starting temperature 55 degrees and the turn 60 degrees.

Total Mileage Completed : 16.4 on AZT

Hike Description:   This hike starts at Orderville Trailhead right off highway 89A of the Kaibab National Forrest Area of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon- Elevation 7526 ft and was a 16.4 mile out and back hike. Elevation gain / loss 1534 ft.

Comments:  Sometimes Tom and will vary a bit in our plan. This hike #67 and hike #68 we actually combined as an overnight hike. Of course this blog in Arizona Trail Out and Back – Day hiking, but to save time and have some fun, we, and our friend Shane ( from Hike #35 ) decided to load up the overnight packs and set out for a two day adventure.  I will talk about the hike though as it was a single day hike since there was a huge difference between the Orderville section and the Murray Lake section.  Driving the 4.75 hours from Phoenix…. Ugh….. to the trailhead, Tom, Shane and I laced up our boots and off we went. Hiking to Murray Lake TH, only a 8.2 mile hike out, was quite nice but a constant low grade uphill battle. Not so much that it was hard but constant and me being a dumb ass, decided to test out a Molle ii US Army Rucksack which put my total pack weight over 40 pounds. Far too much for my body size. Not really wanted to go into the details but I sure love our Packback designs Dayhiker31…. Shameless plug.

Oh ok… back to the trail…. Well…. It’s a forest trail without much else to say. Since it was still April, the national forest was not yet open for business so the trailhead bathrooms were locked up and no services till May 15th. There were still a number of day trippers and campers.  So…just more pretty Pine trees, clean trail and rocks… no cows though. The hike back was nearly all downhill and very enjoyable. I always love up then down hikes. All in all this would be a great little easy day hike if it was not a 10 hour drive around trip.

Forgot to mention the bugs…. there were lot of them on this section. $2 bug net, worth a million dollars.

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