1200 miles but a lot left to do….

So…. 75% – 1200 miles done, completed and in the bag – on the quest for dayhiker fame and legend. Ok…. well maybe not.

On this venture of mine, I historically have created a post at these major milestones; giving out tidbits of dayhiker wisdom. Well… I am not sure if I have any great “new” thoughts to share. I look back at the older photos and posts and sink deep into the memories of how I felt and the newness of it all. Sometime it even chokes me up a little, thinking of it all. It’s a journey, goal and an adventure, coupled with personal growth and experiences. It’s not so much a “2-6 month” thru hike but a 4-year long part of my being. I even see the changes in my appearance from Hike #1 to Hike #68. I have truly changed.

Anyhow…. the hardest AZT Dayhikes are now in front of us. Tom, my trusted companion, is busy catching up with the hikes I completed prior to his joining the venture but we are pushing thru this last 400 miles with determination. At this point nearly every hike remaining has some odd difficulty to it. They were clearly not chosen earlier for reasons. 🙂

Wish us luck. Tough terrain, impossible trailheads, long long drives and massive uphill hiking lay in front of our desires to complete this challenging but joyous goal. Dayhiking the Arizona Trail – out and back.

Jim T.


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