Hike #57- Redington Road – 17 Miles

Location : Redington Road Flip Flop (NOBO Mile Marker 151.1)

Date: October 30th  2018

Weather: Slight overcast skies at the Trailhead, starting temperature 54 degrees and the turn 79 degrees.

Total Mileage Completed : 17 miles on AZT / Feet +(-) 2450, 5.4% grade

Hike Description: This hike started at the Redington Road Trail Head east of Tucson within the Saguaro National Park (East). Grant and Tanque Verde roads will take you up into the hills of the town – Tanque Verde then converts to the dirt road called Redington Road. This dirt road is pretty much the only road into this area of the Rincon and Mica Mountains. The 10 mile bumpy drive, with a couple mountain side hairpin turns in the first couple miles, was actually not too horrible.  A 4 wheel drive is recommended but we did see some 2 wheel drive cars. The trailhead is easy to find on the south side of the road.


This was a pleasant little hike connecting back to our hike #43 – Mount Lemon 4 – at the north turn. Redington road was an easy starting point but it would mean we needed to flip flop the hike heading north about 5 miles and then back south 4 miles past the car and trailhead.  The weather was nice with only a couple hot spots in the afternoon as the sun cracked through the overcasting sky.  There a couple uphill stretches of greater than 700 ft but the rise was gentle at 5-7%. On the south section of the flip-flop we pushed past the Italian Trap AZT Trailhead about 1.6 miles and made the final turn around back to the Jeep. After being off hiking for the last couple of weeks this was a nice re-conditioning hike and it felt great to be back out on trail pushing the miles.

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