AZTrail Jeep is born

So….. doing the Arizona Trail in the “out and back” way causes one major issue that in my thoughts will need to be overcome. Piecing together the day hikes in such a way that are connectible within 10 to 20 miles sections was not easy. For the first couple years I was able to somewhat “cherry” pick intersections of the AZT that were either paved trailheads or easy dirt roads to the trail. Up to now my 2007 Chevy Tahoe did great work for us… but it is only a 2×4. As I moved forward in the hike though I noticed a real need for a 4×4 vehicle…. and the solution was of course…..a Jeep…. Now…. to be honest with you I have always wanted a Jeep and this AZT hike made for a perfect excuse to go out and get one. And as more justification, Emma Jean, my soon to be 16 year old daughter will also use it as a daily driver….Anyhow, I was lucky enough to find a 2008, one owner 52k mile Jeep JK 2 door Sahara at a reasonable price down in Casa Grande and I jumped on it. Being somewhat boring and for a lack of any other name, I just named him Jeep and the cool thing is him and I share the same birthdate. He was purchased on 08/24.

Jeep Jeep, as he is affectionately now known as, will have a page under the gear section of the blog. My desire is to use this section to show you how difficult or easy the driving approach tracks will be getting to some of the more remote sections of the AZT. I will also update the page with some modifications that I do to Jeep as I go. When purchased, he was bone stock and had very little wear on him.  I am not too sure at this point if the mods are really for me wanting Jeep Coolness or they would have been required for the driving trails but stay tune for updates….

Here is his page.×4-jeep/


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