Trail #05 – Blue Ridge Trailhead to Rim – 18 Miles

Rain, hail and hike. In an effort to connect to where we left off on the Washington Trailhead to Rim hike, Eric and I started at the Blue Ridge Trailhead and headed south now toward the Mogollon Rim outside of Payson AZ. This was a pleasant hike with a couple small hill climbs and I would have to say… I just love the Blue Ridge Trailhead. Right off of Highway 65 and easy parking. No services but I like easy when it comes to getting to a trailhead.  There is a nice 8% up at about mile 1.5 and another 12% up at mile 10.5. Both only about 500-600 ft though.

Had a nice lunch at the turn and back we went. Cattle and a couple bulls roam here and no real views other then trees on this section. Weather was cool for August…. so much so we got hailed on a couple times toward the turn. Nice little day hike, except for Eric getting stared down by a bull at mile 17.

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