Hike #13 – Roosevelt Lake North – 10 Miles


If you like a good hill climb this hike is for you. From the auto accessible Vineyard Trailhead, you’ll ascend 1,149 feet in around 1.5 mile. It’s straight up, right away. Not the most challenging “up” on the AZT but it will get your legs burning. Once on top of this little hill, your views of Lake Roosevelt and the bridge are simply amazing. Well worth the heart pounding climb. This trail is rocky and a little up and down. Originally planned for a 15 mile day hike, we cut it short due to a late start and the winter darkness approaching. Did not want to be going down the mountain in the dark with no headlamps. Surprisingly, we did manage to see a couple white trail deer hopping from shrub to shrub out in the distance. Very nice hike and I wish we would have started a little earlier in the day. At the turn the site of four peak, the remoteness and grand beauty of the desert trail made it hard to leave.      


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